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We can provide you with hand-selected professional developers, who are always ready to work. Build a remote development team and work with your software engineers directly using the tools and methods you know and love.
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Receive a thorough in-depth analysis of your product from certified QA experts. Identify potential bottlenecks and make sure that your product quality complies with the requirements.
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Audit your digital products or design new market-ready solutions to boost brand awareness and revenue with the help of talented UX/UI designers.
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Hire DevOps engineers to improve cooperation between development and operation teams, scale your product with ease, and ensure a robust infrastructure and an efficient deployment process.
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Outstaffing in Ukraine - why should you choose it?

Choosing the best destination to outsource software development may be quite a challenge. It might be a good idea to start outsourcing to Ukraine in 2021, but is it the best choice?
As you realize that the success of the project or even the entire company depends on this decision, it gets even harder to make. That is a grave responsibility, indeed.

Ukraine has been long considered a safe harbor for cost-efficient and high-quality IT outsourcing. For the past 5 years, its IT labour market has doubled and reached 200 000 professionals. As a result, the country has been recognized as one of the most dynamically growing IT ecosystems in Europe.

IT outsourcing to Ukraine is getting more popular: Ukraine is becoming a leading IT outsourcing destination in Europe due to its booming tech ecosystem, which is predicted to reach US$8.4 billion of industry export volume in 2025, a large talent pool of 200,000 IT professionals, and strong tech education.

Ukrainian software developers are recognized among the 5th strongest IT professionals globally thanks to their solid technical expertise, high English proficiency level (70% speak English at an upper-intermediate level), and knowledge of emerging disciplines (Go, AI, big data, blockchain, etc.)

No wonder the likes of Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, and Apple prefer outsourcing to Ukraine to build cutting-edge software solutions.

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